My CPR Pros - Your Single Source for Corporate Health and Safety Training & Equipment

Tired of the inconvenience and frustration of sourcing health and safety training , AEDs, and first aid supplies from multiple vendors? Then let My CPR Pros (a Single Source Health & Safety LLC brand) be your single vendor for all of your corporate health and safety training and equipment. Enjoy the efficiency of working with one vendor, the cost savings of national pricing, and our consultative approach to corporate health and safety. Call My CPR Pros today and speak to one of our Client Services Representatives about your specific corporate health and safety program

Medical Emergency Response Equipment - AED

An AED is the most vital piece of emergency equipment during a sudden cardiac arrest event. Cardiac arrest survival rates are approximately 5% without an AED and between 50%-80% with an AED. Let My CPR Pros guide you through the process of establishing your corporate AED program.

My CPR Pros AED program features:

  • Flexible AED purchase & lease options
  • AED program development & consulting
  • ReadyTeam ProTM Online AED program management software
  • Comprehensive medical oversight
  • Onsite AED maintenance inspections
  • Sudden cardiac arrest MERT mock drills

Medical Emergency Response Equipment - First Aid Supplies

My CPR Pros carries a complete line of first aid products. Brands we carry include:

  • First Aid Only
  • Pac-Kit First Aid
  • Physicians Care
  • Water Jel
  • Brady
  • Honeywell

All of our first aid supplies meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards for the workplace.

Oxysure Life Corporation Emergency Oxygen

No emergency response equipment kit is complete without emergency oxygen. We carry a complete line of emergency oxygen equipment from Life Corporation & OxySure.

Emergency oxygen products we carry include:

  • LIFE OxygenPac – this portable, wall-mounted emergency oxygen unit holds a 90 minute supply (@ 6 LPM). It features a constant reading supply gauge and simple on/off flow lever. It comes ready-to-use and has a 5 year warranty.
  • LIFE SoftPac – this lightweight emergency oxygen unit hold a 40 minute supply (@ 6 LPM). It features a constant reading supply gauge and simple on/off flow valve.
  • LIFE StartSystem – this durable, water-resistant case holds both an emergency oxygen unit and a Philips OnSite AED (sold separately). It is briefcase sized and weighs only 8 pounds. It holds a 15 minute supply (@ 6 LPM) and features a constant reading supply gauge and simple on/off flow valve. Shipped ready-to-use.
  • OxySure Model 615 – This revolutionary new product creates medical grade emergency oxygen from the combination of two inert powders that combine with the simple turn of a knob. It is simple and effective.

In addition to emergency oxygen units, we carry an extensive line of emergency airway devices (including King-LT, LMA, nasal and oral airways), CPR breathing barriers, oxygen masks, tubing, and much more.

Medical Emergency Response Equipment - ConsultingMy CPR Pros' mission is to help you identify areas in your emergency response plan that expose you to potential legal risks and negative outcomes. We then work together to develop, implement, and manage a comprehensive plan that protects your company and employees.

We understand that your company has unique challenges that require unique solutions. That is what we are here to provide. Some of our custom consulting services include:

  • Corporate Medical Emergency Response  Team (MERT) training & consulting
  • Corporate emergency preparedness plan development
  • Corporate AED program development & management
  • Corporate AED program legal risk assessment & consulting
  • Disaster & medical emergency mock drills & site inspections